Free membership to free tickets to great events

Q: Does it cost anything to join?
A: No, it’s completely free to join. No hidden charges, ticket fees or admin costs.

Q: Do I need to provide credit card or other payment details?
A: No, as we do not charge all we require to get started is your e-mail address and name.

Q: Why does event organisers want to give me free tickets?
A: Event organisers prefer full venues so quite often they offer a selected group of people free access to fill up the seats (seat fills) very close to the event. We have very close connection with these event organisers and can offer them access to seat fills at a very short notice.

Q: Do I have to accept my tickets?
A: We understand that sometimes you just can’t make an event, especially as the tickets are offered at short notice. However, rejecting tickets will reduce your points (we call it your Monoscore) and may have an effect on future allocations.

Q: What is Monoscore?
A: We use a point system when allocating free tickets. You receive points when signing up, completing your profile, accepting tickets, inviting friends to join etc. All these points will improve your Monoscore and changes of receiving tickets in the future.

Q: Are my personal data safe?
A: We are very conscious about keeping your personal data secure and safe which is why we use the latest security software to do so. You can read more about our private policy and security here.

Q: How do I get told about my tickets?
A: We will send you an email as soon as you have been allocated the tickets. You will then have a short window (normally one day) to accept the allocation. Once you have accepted the tickets you will receive another email about how to receive the tickets (in most cases electronically or alternatively you might have to pick up the tickets when you get to the venue).

Q: Can I change my username or email address?
A: Yes, it’s very easy to change your username and email address on our site. Just select My Account, change your details (we require you to re-enter your password) and press Update Account.

Q: Why do you need my postcode?
A: We do not require your postcode but it will help us understand how far you are from the event and also allow you to choose how far you are willing to travel. Lastly, submitting your postcode will improve your Monoscore and all data will be kept secure and private.

Q: Do you offer tickets abroad?
A: We are working on launching our service in other countries but at the moment we can only offer tickets in the UK.

Q: What kind of tickets can I expect?
A: It varies and can be any category. Quite often the tickets are in a good location, as the event organiser would normally prioritise filling these seats first.

Q: What if I have special requirements?
A: When you complete your profile you will be able to define any special requirements you may have. This is communicated to the event organiser and will help us allocate tickets suitable for you.

Q: It’s now a while ago since I signed up but I haven’t received any tickets?
A: We are sadly not in control of how many tickets are allocated. Sometimes it can take a while but try making your preferences in your profile less narrow as this could improve your chances of receiving tickets.

Q: Can I change my preferences in my profile at a later stage?
A: Yes, you can change your preferences and profile anytime. Just log in and click Edit Profile.

Q: I get a message that my account needs activating when I try to log in?
A: Once you have registered with us you will received an email within a couple of minutes asking you to confirm your email address. Simply click the link and your account will be activated.

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